Welcome to The Startup Sensations Podcast​

This increasingly popular transatlantic business podcast takes you on a journey into the world of startups from ‘both sides of the pond’. Join us weekly as we explore unique stories, strategies, and amazing successes from the startup ecosystem, as related by key players in North America, the UK and from around the world.

The show is hosted from the UK by Bulent Osman, exited tech founder, and from the US by Shelley Bays, founder of three international advisory firms. From Silicon Valley to London’s tech scene and elsewhere, they bring you interviews with inspiring founders, investors, thought leaders and other key players who are making waves in the startup world today.

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Startup Sensations
Welcome to Startup Sensations

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Why Transatlantic?

The startup ecosystem today is increasingly global, and the transatlantic corridor between the UK, Europe, and North America is a hotbed of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. From fintech to biotech, from AI to blockchain, startups emerging from these regions are changing the world as we know it.

Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur or just starting out, a seasoned business professional, an investor, or simply someone who is fascinated to learn more, the Startup Sensations Podcast has something informative and motivational for you!

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Meet Your Hosts

Our co-hosts bring a wealth of experience and practical expertise. Bulent Osman is a highly successful tech founder and investor, with a passion for mentoring and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. He has a track record of building successful startups and scaling them to global levels. With his deep understanding of the tech industry, he probes for valuable insights into the latest trends and derives important lessons.

Shelley Bays has founded three international advisory firms, specializing in strategic planning, executive coaching, capital raising, and cross-cultural communication. With a career spanning over 30 years, she has worked with businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries in several different countries. Using this background, she explores key strategic issues and operational issues with podcast guests.

Shelley Bays

Bulent Osman

What You Can Expect

Each episode features an in-depth interview with an entrepreneur, VC or other key player from the world of international startups. They share real stories, insights, and opinions. From overcoming challenges, both business and personal, to seizing opportunities, to learning from missteps, our guests provide candid advice and real inspiration for anyone looking to start or grow their own company. We also explore the latest trends, technologic developments, and innovations shaping the startup landscape. Finally, our guests are always eager to share actionable and pragmatic tips for success.


A fascinating insight into the world of the venture capitalist particularly in relation to technology start up companies. Brilliantly presented and featuring a number of inspirational guests sharing their experiences with seasoned VC hosts, Bu and Shelly.

bayswater al

I liked the whole idea of this pod. It works for young startups and even existing businesses can learn.

Fledgling Entrepreneur

Very interesting podcasts on the, at times, seemingly insurmountable journey for an entrepreneur! Hugely successful individuals have had similar difficulties on their roads to success which can create comfort and determination for a start up entrepreneur.

Thoroughly enjoying these interviews.

Very insightful also in understanding the differences between the UK and USA.


Practical and thoughtful insights on scaling a startup and surmounting the cross-cultural divide between UK and US!


As a budding entrepreneur I found the first two episodes of this podcasts extremely insightful. The hosts are articulate and engaging and their passion for the world of startups (garnered through their prior experience as successful founders) shines through. I would highly recommend and am excited for the rest of the season!

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